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Principal’s Message


Principal’s Principles, March 2021

Dear Gayton Families:

On March 13, 2020, Covid-19 affected our community in a most significant way.  In a year when we were disappointed that we had no snow days, we found ourselves out of school for the following 12 months! Looking back, none of us could have anticipated such duration, nor could we have imagined what school might look like in a fully virtual environment.  There were tears of joy and sadness as we ended our year with a parade through every Gayton neighborhood.  Who knew we would be learning from home for this long?

While the pandemic has at times been scary, frustrating, lonely, and politicized, it has been a shared experience for us all with many silver linings.  I believe our community’s common challenges with Covid-19 have helped us to recognize what matters most — family, friends, communication, character, and the value of public education. We have learned to be more flexible, innovative, and resilient. What our teachers were able to do virtually–because they had to–is nothing short of amazing. They are creative, industrious, highly trained professionals.  What our students have learned through self-direction and sheer motivation–because they had to–will undoubtedly give them fortitude throughout their lives. They are critical thinkers and problem solvers who appreciate the importance and gifts of learning.

We have much more to navigate as our community moves forward through Covid-19, but I am ever more confident that we will be better for it.  Our teachers and students are now learning in hybrid or “parallel” environments at school and virtually, dual modes of instruction that will diversify instruction ongoing to better meet the unique needs of our students. Summer very well may be seen as a time for more universal educational opportunity.  Will video games remain less exciting than street hockey or swing sets? I hope so.

Have a great month of March as we continue this productive and positive school year.  Thank you as always for your partnership and involvement in your child’s education. Please see weekly Friday Follow Ups about upcoming events, including more fun and engaging events planned by our ever-supportive PTA. Thank you, Gayton PTA!


Kirk Eggleston, Principal



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