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Fourth Grade Supply List

(1) Package Loose Leaf Notebook Paper

(2) Pocket Folders (1 for PE class & 1 for classroom)

#2 Pencils (3 Sharpened pencils at school each day)

(1) Handheld Pencil Sharpener

Markers (No more than 8)

Crayons (No more than 24)

(2) Highlighters (Different colors)

(2) Red Checking Pens

(12) Jumbo Glue Sticks (Replace as needed)

(1) Scissors

(1) Ruler (Hard plastic) (metric & customary)

(1) Pencil Bag w/zipper (No boxes)

(1) Dry Erase Board (12” x 9” Approximately)

(4) Dry Erase Markers

(1) Mini Dry Eraser

(2) Large Box of Tissues

(1) Box of Sandwich Zip-lock Bags w/slider (Girls)

(1) Box of Gallon Zip-lock Bags w/slider (Boys)

(1) Container of Clorox Wipes

(1) Pair of Ear Buds for computer use

(5) Marble Composition Books

(1) 3 inch 3-ring Zipper Binder with an accordion folder (Case-It binders work best.)

*Required Gayton Planner (Available at Gayton @ Open House)

*Students NEW to Gayton will need a 1 inch 3-ring binder with dividers for music.

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